Car Detailing

Rocky’s Auto Spa is Atlanta's premiere car detailing provider. We have the expertise to handle all of your detailing needs. The mixture of high quality chemicals, fair prices, and meticulous attention to detail is what separates Rocky’s Auto Spa from our competition. Every step in our cleaning process is safe for all vehicles from your family van to high end sports cars. We are passionate about what we do, and it will show in the quality of work you will receive.Call us about a free quote!

Rocky's Auto Spa - We take pride in your ride!

Packages & Pricing

Maintenance Package

45 Mins - 1 HR

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  • Cars $40 | SUVS $45 | XL SUV $50
  • Paint will be washed
  • Wheel wells degreased and cleaned
  • Tires and Rims cleaned and dressed
  • Interior vacuumed and dusted

Express Detail

90 Mins - 2 HRS

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  • Cars $90 | SUVS $100 | XL SUVS $110
  • Everything from maintenance package
  • All door panels and cup holders will be cleaned
  • Interior | Exterior dressing applied to plastic panels
  • Door jambs and trunk jambs will be cleaned

Detailing Package
Level 1

3 - 4 Hours

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  • Cars $165 | SUVS $180 | XL SUV $210
  • High quality paste wax applied to the paint
  • All Cracks, crevices, and consoles will be cleaned
  • Car will be blown out with an air compressor and steam cleaned
  • Carpet and upholstery shampooed
  • Air vents cleaned
  • Bugs|Tar|Sap removed

Detailing Package
Level 2

5 - 6 Hours

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  • Cars $210 | SUVS $230 | XL SUVS $240
  • Paint will be cleaned with a clay bar
  • A paint sealant will be applied
  • Light polish
  • Headlight restoration will be done if needed

Odor Removal $35

Headlight Restoration $50